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Keiryu is Simplicity, Performance & Versatility


Keiryu is a traditional Japanese style of mountain stream fly fishing that uses a long, telescoping rod, light line and bait. It was used by generations of anglers who needed the most effective way to catch fish as a mater of basic subsistence. While similar to Tenkara, Keiryu rods are stiffer enabling their use with weighted bait or nymphs to reach deeper spots. Keiryu is extraordinarily effective and by far the most popular form of fly fishing in Japan.

Catch trout and other species in rivers, streams, and alpine lakes using weighted bait, nymphs, flies, and soft bait.



Our standard Keiryu rods telescope to a length of almost 18 feet (5.4m), giving you the ability to reach out further without requiring the use of very long lines. The result is less drag, more bites, and greater ease in bringing in the fish.


The Keiryu line drops into the water instead of laying on, the result in virtually no drag, just a perfect presentation. “Present the bait naturally and the fish will take it”. That is essence of Keiryu. How and where is up to you.


The beauty of Keiryu is its versatility. While engineered to give Japanese anglers the decisive edge in mountain streams fishing for finicky trout, here in the U.S. Keiryu is being re-defined and leveraged as an amazing tool for catching a variety of fish under a variety of conditions using a variety of presentations:


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We were totally impressed and hooked after catching and releasing so many trout that day using our new Keiryu rod. What an incredible day.
Keiryu represents Japanese optimization of a system of fishing designed to catch fish as effectively and efficiently as possible.