Keiryu provides unmatched versatility. Consider these applications:

  • Live Bait - use the Owner rig and catch fish in deeper water using the yarn markers for depth.

  • Nymphs - use the Owner rig or a light line for Euro style nymphing.

  • Flies - our Kevlar furled line works great with dry flies and Tenkara style Kebari flies.

  • Artificials - Try a plastic worm, a Nikko Hellgrammite or even a min-jig.

DSC04124 1500x.jpg

Beautiful brown caught in the Eastern Seirra on a San Juan worm.

Surf Perch 1500x.jpg

Dave used his Keiryu to catch 6 perch in an hour. Here is a picture of one of them.

IMG_5354 Enhanced 2.jpg

This Green Sunfish was caught using a nightcrawler cut to 1"on the Owner Keiryu Trout Rig.

fish story lori mini jig 1500x.jpg

Tim caught this 4lb Sierra Lake Trout using a mini-jg on the Owner Keiryu Trout Rig.


This magnificent brown was caught in a Sierra alpine lake with a euro style jig nymph.


This little brown beauty was caught using a Bead Head Prince Nymph.