Parts for Keiryu Rod Co. Rods

The following parts below are available for the T100 Rod.

Click here to order Rod Plug, Screw Cap, or Top 2 Sections. For other parts, please email us.

  • Rod Plug: $8.99

  • Screw Cap: $8.99

  • Top 2 sections that includes lillian: $16 

  • All other individual sections: $14 (email us to order)

  • First section with handle: $22 (email us to order)

Parts for All Other Rods

All parts for non-Keiryu Rod Co. rods are special order items. Pricing will be provided at time of inquiry. If you need a part please contact us.

Refunds & Returns

Refunds are available for rods, rigs and accessories within 30 days of purchase. Customer is responsible for postage to return item. In addition there is a 2% handling fee assessed.

Refunds will be provided after receipt of item. Items must be in the following condition:


  • Must be in brand new condition for resell. Rods must not have scratches or blemishes arising from handling and use.

  • All original packaging, in its original form must be present. Wrapping on handles cannot be removed.

Rigs & Accessories

  • Must be unused and sealed in original packaging.

Warranty for Keiryu Rod Co. Rods

Your Keiryu Rod Co. rod has been engineered and tested to provide years of service and because of this, we are proud to offer a 10 year warranty. 

  • The warranty is used to replace the specific sections** of the rod that suffered a warranty breakage.

  • Shipping and handling charges apply as follows (prices subject to change).

  • Note - the warranty only applies to the original purchaser and does cover damage caused by improper use, accidents, abuse, theft, and normal wear and tear. 

Please click here to tell us what you need.