Keiryu Rig Options

Keiryu excels at versatility and this reflected by the choices you have in the rigs. Whether you are fishing with live baits, nymphs or dry flies, there are options to cover all situations.

Standard Keiryu Rigs

Owner Trout Marker Rig

Owner Trout Ball Rig

Owner Small Fish Float Rig

Usage Tips

Keiryu Rod Co. Split Shot Attachment to Line Spacing


  • Add a split shot weight approx. 8" above the hook.

  • Use two split shots for fast current or windy conditions. However, adding more weight will increase the tension felt by the fish. If adding two split shots place them approx. 12" from the hook.


  • Place the markers to set your depth (e.g. place them 2 ft. from the hook if you want the hook to be 2 feet under). Space a few inches apart.

Keiryu Rod Co. Nightcrawler Illustration


  • Store bought worms (nightcrawlers, redworms, etc.) are extremely effective and easy to use. Depending on size, cut the worms in half to approx. 1 1/2" (this also doubles your bait).  

Keiryu Rod Co. Mayfly Illustration


  • Find bait at the source. All rivers and streams are teaming with live insects such as nymphs, mayflies and caddisflies.

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Keiryu Rod Co. San Juan Worm Illustration


  • The San Juan fly worm can be very effective. It can be very effective in Alpine lakes or hitting deep holes in rivers. Note - you can use it with either the bait line or the fly line, making it very versatile.

Keiryu Rod Co. Soft bait Illustration


  • Soft baits can be very effective, however, this is a case of experimenting.

  • We have found the Nikko Hellgrammite and Caddisfly to be very good options. In some areas, they do amazingly well. Note that not all rivers have hellgrammites. In rivers that don't, you generally will not have any luck using a hellgrammite soft bait. But the reverse is also true. 

Keiryu Rod Co. Nymph Illustration


  • The Owner Yarn Marker can also be used very effectively with a nymph.

  • Replace the tippet with a flourocarbon tippet. Start with 6X. The goal is a slim, light, fast sinking line.

  • Attach a tungsten bead head nymph. Size depends on the size of the rivers. Size 16 is probably a good starting point. No split shot is required unless additional weight is needed due to very fast current / windy conditions.

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Fly Rig

Kevlar Furled Line

The Kevlar 4 meter furled line was designed as an easy to cast tapered line. It is well suited for use with the stiffer actions of keiryu rods. It is typically used with a dry or wet fly.

  • 4 meter line (13.1 ft.)

  • Made of kevlar for reduced stretch and tangling. This is a very subtle line.

  • Provides good flotation and will enable longer reach vs. the bait or nymph rigs.

  • Comes with 2mm ring for attaching tippet using your favorite knot (loop-to-loop, improved clinch knot or davy knot, etc.). 

  • Comes with girth hitch loop for easy connection to lillian.

  • Total line length (line + tippet) of approximately 16 to 16.5 feet is recommended

Make Your Own - Euro Style & Nymph Lines